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Kt Kits I agree!! Pravin sir has made learning English language so easy that anyone can just be an English expert.. I have learned so much from Pravin Thakkar thank you so much sir!!
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Pravin Thakkar Thanks...
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Dhaval Soni I was at British immigration desk and answering their queries related to my purpose of coming to UK. I was there to pursue my masters. BUt along with my masters UNI. Has also assigned a English course in my enrollment letter. The officer was astonished why I was given the course, as he was comfortable with my language skills during our conversation.
I gained the ability @ Pravin Thakkar while my higher secondary. Thanks to Thakkar sir...

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Dhaval Soni I studied my higher secondary in Gujarati medium. It was first day our collage principal came to our class for interactions. While interactions he asked a question when the pronunciation of article THE varies. No one could answer the question expect me. As I was taught. Collage sahajananad and our then principal was Mr Ghanshyam Patel. The rule or information not given in any grammar books as I searched for it. it was with Pravin Thakkar sir Only. There are so many occasions I can mention here what I have gained with Thakkar sir. He is guru in true sense who can shape your knowledge and virtues as well.
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Vidhyut Pandya I learn English from school but how to speak and how to manage conversation in English that I learnt from you Pravin Thakkar sir proud to be ur student sir
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मेरे गुरु जी को वंदन 
- जिसने "सत्य - प्रेम - करुना" का मार्ग दिखाया .पूज्य बापू (Satya Prem Karuna)
- और जिसने जीवन का सत्य बताया " महाभारत भले ही जीवन हो मगर हमारा लक्ष्य रामायन होना चाहीए" .श्री
प्रवीणभाई ठक्कर ( Pravin Thakkar)

"और उन सब गुरु को मेरा वंदन जिसने मुझे जीवन जीने की सिख दी......." गुरु पुर्णिमा की बधाई हो"

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